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Campas life

Scholarships List of scholarships available to regular international students at Oita University and information on the method of application.
Housing Information on dormitories for international students at Oita University.
Medical Services Information on the Health Science Center at Oita University and National Health Insurance.
Library Information on library and other resources available on campus for international students at Oita University.
Support System Information on living arrangements for international students.
( • Academic Advisors • Tutoring System • Friends of Overseas Students at Oita University)
Home Visit /
Home Stay Program
The purpose of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to visit or stay with a Japanese family for a short period and to gain cultural experience.
Field Trips The Center organizes day trips to visit scenic and historic spots in Oita Prefecture twice a year.
Computer Labs Computer Labs are freely available for student study. Please click here for the information about computer labs in the computing center. You can also get information on how to change your password to log in PCs, Active! Mail, and Web CT.
Interaction with People
in the Local Community
Students are provided with opportunities to interact with children at schools and local people in events organized by the communities. Details will be given through the Center's e-mails or on the Center's Notice Board.
Life Matters This is important information on life in Japan. Please read it.
Environment Dannoharu campus is located in a suburb of Oita city, which is the capital of Oita Prefecture. The city has a poplulation of about 465,000 and is surrounded by beautiful mountains near the sea. Although it is located only 15 minutes from downtown Oita by train, the university campus is situated in a quiet residential area and is ideal for study. Map
Student Activities Campus events include university festivals, athletic meetings, a long-distance relay road race, and so on. There are 24 (Dannoharu Campus) and 12 (Hasama Campus) humanities clubs such as tea ceremony, theatrical performance, calligraphy, ceramic, etc. There are 31 (Dannoharu) and 18 (Hasama) athletic clubs such as soccer, basketball, judo, swimming, sailing, etc. Field trips and cultural exchange activities with local people are also provided for international students.